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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We've got all the facts about a new roof!

There are many benefits to a new roofing system. Some homeowners balk at the cost of a roof, especially if they are planning on selling their home. Yes, a roof is a significant investment, but like any sound investment, there are returns.  Here are the top 6 benefits that you can expect when your replace your old roof for a new roof with Barr Roofing and Construction.

1.) Increase in the equity:

A new roof makes your home much easier to sell. A new roof increases home value averaged about $12,000, according to the latest cost vs. value survey.

2.) Energy Savings! Heck yeah!

A new roof allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

3.) Even your health if you can believe it..

New roofs help to prevent health hazards, like mold and mildew, keeping your family safe.

4.) Plain and Simple your overall safety

The longer you wait to replace that old, dilapidated roof, the more dangerous the situation can become. An old roof in some cases may collapse or cause part of the home to become unstable.

5.) Killer Curb Appeal!!

Your home’s curb appeal is vital for several reasons. The improved curb appeal of any house can increase its overall value. However, a shabby, rundown appearance can make your property seem unwelcoming and impersonal.

6.) No one likes to stress

No one wants too worry about a roof’s ability to withstand the elements and hardships of Mother Nature. Knowing your roof is solid, possibly warrantied for many years, and will keep your property dry and warm inside presents a wonderful peace-of-mind.

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