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Hiring the right man

Wondering how to find the right roofing contractor for you?

Well first who better to ask then your friends and family. They hopefully wouldn't let you use someone who did a poor job, or even over priced. & when you sit down with them after they have looked at your property how did they make you feel? All great roofers are going to make you feel like your roof is just as important as their own. They want to take care of your home, and make sure its worth every penny spent.

But then again... Price isn't everything.

Never choose a company based on price.Those that do work on the side or are just working out of a pick-up truck can always do the work cheaper. But in the long run, you get what you pay for. Customers that are sold on price as their sole criteria ultimately end up spending more money to fix problems, and many of these problems would have been covered under a reputable established roofing company.

Don't close that door sooo fast..

& honestly know that "Storm Chasers" or "Door knockers" are looking out for your best interest. If their was a bad storm in your area at all since your roof was put on, whether that be years ago or even a few months. If they are offering to check out your roof for FREE. Let them because you would be surprised what a little wind, hair, and rain can do. Most of them are truly trying to help, and hey maybe they did your neighbors roof and want to try and lower your energy bills, prevent future leaks, and add equity to your home. Sooo it couldn't hurt to hear them out. Free is Free.

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